Living Lab : introduction & approach

Canadian firm Ergoresearch has developed the first centre for excellence for the prevention and treatment of knee osteoarthritis. Its transdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals provides products and services under one roof, with collective medical prescriptions and personalized follow-ups, to help knee OA patients regain their mobility and improve both their quality of life, and their level of activity.

While its approach includes one of several, or often a combination of treatment plans, the concept offers full patient care. The treatment plan – also referred to as a collective prescription – ensures that each patient receives the optimal benefits of pain relief as quickly as possible.

The Living Lab relies on existing technologies, innovation and the development of new technologies. By adding artificial intelligence to the traditional clinical process and applying the most efficient treatments available on the market, the Living Lab features a truly unique knee OA pain relief concept.

The Living Lab:

  • Combines both medical and complementary paramedical expertise;
  • Offers treatment alternatives to more traditional methods;
  • Optimizes the efficiency of individual practitioners and establishes a knowledge pool among professionals;
  • Contributes to research and development by integrating new data and communication technologies used as diagnostic, evaluative and follow-up tools;
  • Provides technology-assisted monitoring that promotes the continuing education of the professionals involved.


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